Kids psychologist makes $17K salary

The parents of a 5-year-old autistic boy who is learning to read have been awarded a $17,000 contract with a major U.S. preschool.In a statement to the Washington Post, the preschool said the family was looking to help the boy, who is blind, learn to read, using his autism as […]

What is holistic?

The term “holistic” is frequently used by the medical community, which is not usually well-versed in the field.While it has many similarities to other terms, the term “medicine” has more of a cultural association.“I don’t think it’s a term you’re going to be able to just start calling any doctor […]

Why do people get into trouble?

The next time you feel like you’re going to be overwhelmed or that something is not right, take a moment to take a breath and look at your own mental health.A survey by the Canadian Psychological Association found that only 16 percent of people are able to find a psychologist […]

How to be an excellent social worker

How to become an excellent sociologist is the question that everyone asks when asked to choose between a career in social science and a career as a physician.The answer is usually the same.But for some, it can be more complicated than that.Here are six things to consider.1.What you know and […]

How to Find Your Doctor’s Porn Addiction

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