How to find an effective psychotherapist

The Israeli psychologist El Paso is one of the few psychologists in the world who can diagnose PTSD.The first-year medical student at Bar-Ilan University in the Negev, Paso started practicing in 2010 and was the first Israeli to receive a doctoral degree in the field.The work she conducts, he said, […]

The psychology of football

El Paso, Texas — Psychologist at the University of Athens in Greece has developed a new theory to explain why the NFL’s most popular team has endured such a long and tumultuous relationship with the media and fans.The new theory proposes that the NFL is not really a sport, but […]

A new pay raise for psychologists

In 2018, the National Psychologist Association announced a pay increase of 8.8 per cent for all employees, while a new one-year, one-month and three-month salary is up by 8.2 per cent.The pay increase applies to both permanent and part-time positions.There will also be a pay raise to those with an […]

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