When do psychologists become pharmacists?

Health professionals will soon be taking over the prescribing of medications and other care for mental health issues in Canada.Under the new legislation, health professionals will be responsible for providing psychiatric-focused treatment to patients who need it, but they won’t be the ones administering the medications.Instead, the new law gives […]

How much does a licensed psychologist make in the US?

Prescribing and dispensing psychologists are a booming industry in the United States, with an estimated 10,000-12,000 jobs and an estimated $50 billion in annual revenue.That’s up from an estimated 4,000 in 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.According to the National Association of Behavioral Health Professionals, psychologists are responsible […]

When you can’t say no to an antidepressant

When you’re sick, you’re not really sick, and antidepressants are a popular treatment for depression.But sometimes, it can be difficult to tell if you’re suffering from a serious depressive disorder.The good news is, antidepressants are becoming less and less common.But for many people, the drugs don’t work for all types […]

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