How to spot a narcissist in yourself

Las Vegas, NV — A lot of people have a lot of respect for their own narcissists, but it’s not always easy to tell.For those of us who have tried to work with our own, we’ve seen some very strange and disturbing patterns.For instance, we often find ourselves with narcissistic […]

Why are neuroscientists so popular?

A study from Oxford University, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, reveals that the brains of neuroscientist-turned-businesswoman and former Microsoft execs have become a bit more like humans, with their brains being “more like our own”.The study involved MRI scans of brains of five neuroscientologists who had completed a stint […]

How to stop the ‘Psycho-Patient’ craze

The obsession with diagnosing and treating mental illness is growing.The trend is in direct opposition to our health and well-being and is fuelling the rise in the number of mental health problems.We know the causes and treatments of mental illness, but how to stop it?This article is an attempt to […]

The psychology of football

El Paso, Texas — Psychologist at the University of Athens in Greece has developed a new theory to explain why the NFL’s most popular team has endured such a long and tumultuous relationship with the media and fans.The new theory proposes that the NFL is not really a sport, but […]

How to find a psychologist in Toronto

You might not know the name of a Toronto psychologist, but you’ll probably know who’s around. For a lot of people, the city is just a place to go for a few hours to get a haircut or get some drinks at a bar. But you might not even know who their […]

Why are children so afraid of adults?

Children are more likely to be abused, beaten and even killed by their parents than other children, a study has found.The report, entitled Children’s Mental Health, is the first of its kind, analysing how many children are suffering from mental health issues and what needs to be done to protect […]

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