How to change your career path

What if you’ve always wanted to be a psychologist but never got the chance?It’s not just the cost.You’ll be forced to work in an industry you hate to begin with, and there’s the worry that you’ll get hurt.But you might have the power to change that.Join us for an hour-long […]

When should you seek help?

The National Institutes of Health recently released guidelines on what to look for when you’re looking for a new psychological professional.Here’s what to watch for:Are there certain psychological professions you’re more likely to find a job for?If you’re already a psychologist, do you have the experience or knowledge to offer?Do […]

Salary: Engineering psychologist tampas $70,000 per year

tampa – Engineering psychologist salaries vary greatly between schools.According to, Engineering psychologists make $70K in the United States, $73K in Canada and $78K in Australia.The average salary for a Tampas engineering psychologist is $75K in both the US and Canada.Engineers in the UK make about $82K per year, while […]

How child psychologists earn $200,000 annually

The average child psychologist earns about $200 per hour.That is the average annual salary of child psychologists in the U.S. according to a study published by the American Psychological Association.The study, based on the salaries of nearly 2,000 child psychologists working in all 50 states, found that child psychologists are […]

How can psychologists prescribe medication?

The Canadian Association of Clinical Psychologists (CAAP) is warning that pharmacists and other healthcare professionals are under-paying their own pharmacists by overpaying them.“We have been working hard for decades to get this law passed and the government has taken a huge step backwards,” CAAP President Robert G. Balsam told reporters […]

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