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The average salary of an Australian psychologist is about $1,300 per month.

However, some can earn much more, such as a psychologist who works in a school, a GP or an academic, according to salary tracking website PayScale.

The average for psychologists is $2,000 per month and for social workers is $3,400.

Psychologists in Australia are not the only ones who have to pay for their own health care.

The Government has proposed capping the average pay for psychologists at $900 per month, as well as the maximum amount an employee can earn per week from $40,000.

Psychologist salaries in Australia The salary of a psychologist is determined by the amount they earn each week, but many also work in private practice or other settings.

Psychiatrists in the United States have the highest median annual salary at $1.4 million, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Psychic therapists in the US also earn the highest average salary at a whopping $3.4m.

This is despite the fact that psychologists do not have to take part in regular clinical work.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics said that psychologists are more likely to take a job with the government or a government agency, but are also less likely to work in an office setting, such a hospital, clinic or rehabilitation centre.

The salary of psychologists varies across the world, with salaries in France and Germany, and Australia, the UK, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates all topping $1 million.

However, if you want to know the average salary for a specific profession, PayScale has put together a list of the top 50 highest-paid jobs in the world.

The list includes over 10,000 occupations.

These jobs include:Psychologist and psychologist salaries in the UKThe highest paid jobs in Britain are in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine, while the highest paid roles in New Zealand are in healthcare and the financial services.

Australia has a total of 7,988 professions and occupations, but the average salaries are only about $2.6 million, meaning that more than half of these jobs pay less than the average for the country.

Psychiatrician salaries in SingaporeThe salaries of psychologists in Singapore are well above average, at almost $3 million.

In Australia, psychiatrists are the highest-paying profession, with a median salary of $2 million per year.

The average salary in the U.K. is about £1.3 million per annum, while in Canada the average is $1m.

The United States, Australia and Japan have the lowest average salaries, while many of the lowest-paid positions pay more than $500,000 a year.

In Japan, the average annual salary is about ¥10 million.

The US average salary is $847,000, while $1 in Japan is equivalent to about $15,000 in the country, according a PayScale salary calculator.

Psychological therapist salaries in JapanIn Japan there are two professions with the highest salaries: psychiatrists and psychologists.

Psychology and psychiatry are two branches of psychology, according PayScale, which defines a psychologist as a person who works with people with mental disorders.

The salaries in these two professions are about $10 million each.

Psycho-therapists in Japan are not only the highest paying professions, but they also have the largest number of jobs in their respective fields.

Psychopathic doctors in Japan can earn about ¥5 million per annual salary, compared to $300,000 for psychoanalysts.

Psychoanalytic psychiatrists in Japan earn an average of about $5 million.

Psychopaths are generally considered to be the most dangerous people in society, with the FBI reporting that more Americans are being killed by psychopaths per year than by police officers, according ToewsNews Agency.

In 2014, the FBI reported that about 14,000 people were murdered by psychopathic offenders, compared with less than 4,000 murders by police.

Psychosocial workers in the NetherlandsAccording to PayScale’s salary calculator, psychotherapists can earn an annual salary of about ¥3.3 billion per year in the Dutch Republic.

Psycholinguists in the PhilippinesPsychologist salary: $2mPsychologists are in high demand in the Philippine economy, as a key component of healthcare in the region.

The country has more than 80,000 psychiatrists, psychoanalyst and psychologist, as many as 100,000 nurses and social workers, and over 10 million other mental health professionals.

The median annual income for psychologists in the province is about €1.8 million.

While psychologists are often regarded as the leading mental health specialists in the nation, they also perform other medical and health care functions, such like in the treatment of depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Psychotherapy in the RepublicThe salary for psychologists and psychotherappers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is around $1 billion.

Psychiotherapist salaries in MalaysiaThe