When is psychologist annual salary right for you?

According to the National Institutes of Health, a psychologist earns an annual salary of $114,000 in 2018.

That’s an average of $21,500 per year, or about $31,500 annually.

That means the average salary for a psychologist is $114K.

But the salary for someone in the middle of a career can be even higher, as some of the higher-paying occupations can earn $120K or more annually.

Here are the top 5 annual salary ranges for psychologists in 2018, based on the National Institute of Mental Health: Analyst: $120,000 Analyst: Analyst Assistant: $114000 Analyst Assistant Assistant: Analyst Specialist: $110,000 Specialist: Associate Professor: $108,000 Associate Professor/Associate Professor: Associate Lecturer: $106,000 Professor/PhD: Associate Instructor: $104,000 Bachelor’s Degree: Associate/Graduate: $102,000 Doctoral Degree: Ph.

D.: Analyst/Assistant: $99,000