‘I’ve been told to say no’: A psychologist tells her story of sexual assault

I was in the hospital the day after a rape.

The nurse told me I would need to have a CAT scan.

I didn’t know what that meant.

What did it mean?

It was the morning after I was raped.

I had been raped in my home and a rape was not a crime.

I was terrified.

I couldn’t believe it.

I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

It was a nightmare.

I’m not a rape victim, but I’ve been sexually assaulted at least once.

I’ve experienced trauma in my life, and I’m often the person who has to defend myself from people who are trying to rape me.

I’m a survivor.

But in those dark days when the internet is a dangerous place, I was also scared.

For me, the internet has always been about connecting with others, especially women and girls.

But it was also about connecting in a way that was comfortable, safe and empowering.

There was a certain kind of internet space that I was a part of where I felt safe and understood that I could speak freely.

And that made me feel better.

It was not only about connecting but also about expressing myself and letting people know I was okay.

When I was online, I would look at photos of women and I would find inspiration in what they looked like and what I liked about them.

I found myself saying, ‘You know, I look like you.’

I didn- I wouldn’t say it out loud, but it felt like I knew them.

That was something that was really helpful.

I would see my friends’ pictures of themselves and I wanted to share those with them.

When I first started to experience internet safety, I felt I needed to tell others, because I didn�t want to just be left out.

It wasn�t until I started working with a women�s advocacy group that I realised that I had a huge opportunity to help women.

A lot of us have been working with survivors of sexual abuse for many years.

But now, I know that there are so many survivors of online abuse that I need to reach out.

So I started my own website, Women Online, which allows people to share their stories with one another and get support and advice.

This is a new platform for me and it�s a way for me to connect with women and to support survivors of abuse online.

This is a platform for a lot of different people, including women.

And I hope that this site will empower them to be more aware and able to speak out and for the industry to start to understand the impact that abuse can have on survivors.

It�s not just about me. It doesn�t just concern me.

We all have to be accountable.

It has to be about us.