A holistic psychologist who helped students cope with depression has died at age 67

A holistic therapist who helped patients cope with major depressive disorder has died.

Paul Hirschhorn died in a Los Angeles hospital.

He was born in 1947 in New York, the son of a Polish immigrant father and a Polish mother.

His father was a doctor and his mother a nurse, and Paul’s mother was the daughter of a rabbi.

His mother died when he was six years old, but his father died of pneumonia in 1972, leaving him with the financial support of his mother’s sister.

The young Paul was a troubled child.

He was bullied and had severe problems with alcohol and drugs.

He had a violent temper, and he was involved in a number of fights.

He also was known for being a perfectionist, and his father had him wear a bracelet that counted down to the death of the last person he wanted to kill.

Paul’s father, who died in 2008, told the Associated Press in 2009 that Paul was very, very bright.

He graduated from New York University with a degree in psychology and was an adjunct professor at the college.

The AP wrote in 2009, “Paul was the only student who could see the bigger picture.”

The AP continued, “In addition to helping to save lives, his work also helped many students cope in ways that others would have never imagined.

He believed that the best way to cope was to get the best medical care and treatment possible.”

A young Paul Hirschhorns father in New Orleans, Les Hirsch.

Hirschhorn also helped other young people struggling with major depression.

He helped students from all walks of life.

He went to the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, where he worked as a clinical psychologist and trained with other holistic psychologists.

He also worked at the University at Albany as a psychiatrist, and in New Brunswick, New Jersey, as a psychologist and social worker.

The Associated Press said Paul was an avid swimmer and a great teacher, and described him as a “champion of mental health.”

He was also a graduate of the New York Institute of Technology and the University College of London, and received his doctorate in psychology from Columbia University.

He spent the last three decades of his life teaching in New Jersey and in the United Kingdom.