Which sports psychologist should you hire?

If you’re like most people, you’re probably looking for a sports psychologist to help you improve your performance.

In fact, we asked our readers for their top choices.

We’re sure you’ll find them to be helpful, and if not, we’ll offer up your own picks.1.

John Mancini, assistant professor of psychology, psychology department at the University of Pittsburgh and author of the best-selling “The Psychologist’s Dictionary of Psychology”2.

David A. Siegel, assistant psychology professor at the National University of Singapore, author of “The Power of Thinking”3.

Michael D. Pfeifer, professor of clinical psychology, University of California at Berkeley, author “The Mindful Psychologist”4.

Elizabeth H. Johnson, assistant sociology professor, California State University, San Bernardino, author, “The Psychology of Mindfulness”5.

Steven E. Levitt, former chair of Harvard University’s department of psychiatry, co-author of “Thinking in the Now”6.

Matthew P. Ladd, professor emeritus of psychology and psychiatry, University College London, author7.

Matthew D. Lewis, professor, University at Buffalo, author and speaker, “A Field Guide to Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the Future of Mind Training”8.

Robert L. Schaffer, professor and chair of psychology at Columbia University, author”The Mindfulness Movement”9.

Brian R. Piatkowski, associate professor of psychological sciences, University, University City, Pa., author of Psychology of Mental Health and “A Simple Guide to Stopping the Feeling of Unwanted Episodes”10.

Robert W. Smith, professor in psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology, author