How to get a new job in India

With the help of a job placement service, a former nurse is now able to start her life again in India.

The 26-year-old woman from Punjab, Pakistan, moved to India five years ago and was initially paid only Rs.10,000 ($5) per month as part of her salary.

But after some weeks she was paid Rs.70,000 as a full-time assistant in a nursing home.

When she arrived in India she had no qualifications and her visa was cancelled, she said.

“I was shocked and didn’t know what to do, I didn’t have any savings,” she said, explaining she was unsure how she would pay her bills.

“I started to go to job advertisements, and I ended up getting a job at a nursing facility, but I was not given any training,” she added.

Her employer told her she had to go back home and apply again for a visa.

The woman, who has worked as a registered nurse in Pakistan for a few years, was shocked to learn about the requirement for an associate’s degree in nursing.

“When I got the job offer, I immediately asked my parents for help.

My father, who works as a doctor, was also a registered nursing professional and told me to apply for a degree in a different hospital.

I told him that I have a good chance of getting the job and that I will have to take it,” she told The Times.

But she didn’t expect to get an assistant’s degree from a nursing school.

“My family is not in the profession, so my father told me not to worry about it,” said the woman.

After applying for an assistant degree at a private nursing school in Punjab, she was able to get the associate’s certificate.

“A few weeks later, I received a call from a recruiter asking me if I was interested in an assistant diploma,” she explained.

The recruiter told her that she could apply for the associate diploma from a different college and start her career there.

“She asked me to come back to my parents, and they agreed,” she recalled.

The school where she was working as a nursing assistant had a master’s degree, and she received her master’s certificate on October 31, 2018.

“The next day, I applied for a diploma at another college, but was told that I had to take the same course again,” she revealed.

Her mother is also a licensed nurse.

“She came to me to help me apply for an MBA, and we agreed to help each other out,” she shared.

“On the day of the exam, we had a meeting with the school and the director and I was told to apply to the next college,” she recounted.

The job advertisement was open to people who had completed the program and completed all the required coursework.

The Indian government has recently issued a special permit for students with a degree from an accredited nursing school to get employment in India’s most advanced healthcare facilities, like hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

However, the application process can be quite time-consuming, and the applicants are typically required to take an additional examination before being approved.