When you think about your therapist, what do you think?

In the U.K., where psychologists are traditionally paid $70,000, the average salary of a psychologist is $60,000.

But as part of the West Hampton family of psychologists, the price tag could be much higher.

In 2017, West Hamptons psychologist Dr. Mary Ellen Brown received an award for outstanding achievement.

The award was awarded to her for helping thousands of children who had been diagnosed with ADHD, a mental disorder that affects the brain’s ability to control attention, impulse control and motivation.

“My children are now learning about what it means to be a person,” she told CBC News.

“My husband and I are seeing the difference in their lives.”

Brown said she was proud of her work because she believes in helping children and adults overcome problems.

“If they come to me, I think I’ll do my best to help them learn and grow,” she said.

Brown was nominated for the award in a bid to raise awareness about the mental health issues affecting children.

West Hambs’ youngest child, 14-year-old Hannah, is currently enrolled in a residential treatment program.

“We have three very, very gifted children and our family is really fortunate that Hannah has had a really positive experience and has been very supportive,” Brown said.

“She has always been really loving, kind, supportive, and I think she understands now that she is an independent, self-sufficient, loving child.”

Brown also noted that her own children are also helping to make an impact.

“They are not only being educated, but they are helping us with our parenting and they are making sure that we understand the impact that we are having on our children,” she explained.

“I think they are really making a difference in the way they are thinking about it and how they are acting on it.”

West Hampton psychologist Mary Ellen C. Brown, a nominee for the prestigious West Hamton Family Psychologist of the Year Award, speaks during a press conference on March 31, 2018, at the Westhampton Centre in London, England.

She said she hopes to raise public awareness about mental health problems affecting children in the West.

(David Gray/Reuters)Brown is not the only one to have received an awards nomination.

The London-based West Hamts are also the subject of a book, Westhamton Family Psychology: What Every Psychologist Should Know.

The book includes interviews with Brown, her husband and children, as well as with more than 30 psychologists.

“I think what makes this award special is that it’s not just about us,” Brown told CBC in an interview.

“It’s about our children.

It’s about all the people who work here, the families that live here.”

Brown’s award for Westhamptons Family Psychologists of the year comes after the city-wide push by the WestHampton Health Foundation and the West Bromwich & East Riding District Council to raise the public awareness of mental health concerns.

West Bromborough Mayor Daniel Rowlands, West Brompton Council and the mayor’s office also announced that they would hold a series of workshops across the city to raise money for mental health programs.

“The Westhamsted family have worked tirelessly to make West Ham possible and I’m pleased to be proud of their efforts,” Rowlands said in a statement.

Brown has also received praise for her role in helping West Ham to become a better place.

“What’s remarkable is how much they’ve achieved, in terms of the work they do in the area of mental wellbeing, and how it is something that’s been recognised and respected by everyone,” Rowles said in an email.

Brown said that West Ham is a great place for parents to be.

“Children are taught that parents should always look after their own needs, and that they should be the people to be there for them,” she stated.

“This is a fantastic, wonderful place to raise a family, to develop a love of life, to have fun, to explore and to make friends.

It gives me great joy to see how our community is growing, in a very positive way.”

Westhampton Coun.

Sarah Dennison said the community should be proud to see the city becoming a more vibrant and inclusive place.

“People here in Westham are living life to the fullest, and we are fortunate to be in a position where we have the right people to take us forward,” she noted.

Brown is currently working on a new book, The Westhams: The Life of a Psychologist, that is due out in 2018.

She also said she plans to start a new career in psychology.