When is it okay to go after a psychologist

Aetna’s psychologist, Lori Wallach, has been a prominent target of the company.

Wallach was fired after she and her colleagues discovered that the company was paying her to conduct “situational awareness” for a drug that was intended to treat depression.

Wallach says she’s not alone.

“I was very frustrated with the way I was treated.

I was very unhappy.

And I think this is something that people need to understand,” she told reporters.

Aetna has said it’s committed to treating people with depression “with the utmost care” and “in the most compassionate way possible.”

Wallach says the company’s actions have been a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Wallace says she and the other psychologists in her office, who were paid by the company, have had to work two days a week for a year without sleep or food.

Wallacas complaints sparked a public outcry that prompted the company to pay $1.6 million to settle a lawsuit brought by her and two other former Aetnas staff.

Wallack and other psychologists have since filed a class-action lawsuit against Aetana and its senior leadership.

Aetnamans CEO John Hanke has defended the company and said Wallach was terminated because she and other Aetams staff made “serious allegations of unethical behavior.”

Aetnans response to Wallach’s lawsuit, which has not been released, was emailed to ESPN.