When Do You Need a Psychologist?

A lot of people think they need a psychologist for everything.

But when you need a forensic psychologist for something like a DUI or DWI, you probably won’t be able to find a licensed professional.

It’s that simple.

According to the American Psychological Association, you should be looking for a psychologist that is licensed in your state.

But as long as you don’t have any felony convictions or a mental health condition, you’re not legally required to hire a licensed psychologist.

When you’re a victim of a crime or when your parents or guardians are in jail, it can be hard to find an experienced, licensed, certified psychotherapist.

So to find the right licensed professional, here are some tips.1.

The BasicsFirst and foremost, it’s important to note that a psychologist can be an experienced psychologist, but they won’t necessarily be trained in all areas of mental health.

If you’re wondering what type of training an experienced criminal psychologist will need, here’s a list of the most common types:1.

Forensic Psychologist Training3.

Psychotherapy (for all mental health disorders)4.

Clinical Psychotherapy5.

Educational Psychology6.

Family Psychology7.

Counseling and Psychotherapy8.

Behavioral Analysis9.

Social Work10.

Social Communication11.

Counselor/Teacher (for mental health or criminal justice related reasons)12.

Family Therapist (for domestic violence, child abuse, and/or other emotional and behavioral issues)13.

Family Counselor14.

Certified Counselor15.

Certified Social Worker16.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker17.

Certified Behavioral Therapist18.

Licensed Certified Child Psychologist19.

Certified Family Therapist20.

Certified Therapist21.

Licensed Social Worker22.

Licensed Therapist23.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor24.

Licensed Child Mental Health Therapist25.

Licensed Behavioral Therapists26.

Licensed Family Therapeutic Psychologist27.

Licensed Adult Mental Health Counsellor28.

Licensed Psychologist29.

Licensed Medical Therapist30.

Licensed Primary Care Practitioner31.

Licensed Senior Mental Health Professional32.

Licensed Nursing Practitioners33.

Licensed Psychiatry Doctor34.

Licensed Registered Nurse35.

Licensed General Practitioning Doctor36.

Licensed Community Mental Health Nurse37.

Licensed Physical Therapist38.

Licensed Counselor, Teacher, or Teacher Educator39.

Licensed Nurse Practitionee40.

Licensed Psychiatrist41.

Licensed Health Educator42.

Licensed Hospital Physician43.

Licensed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Doctor44.

Licensed Neurologist45.

Licensed Pharmacist46.

Licensed Dentist47.

Licensed Orthodontist48.

Licensed Podiatrist49.

Licensed Physician-Gynecologist50.

Licensed Speech Pathologist51.

Licensed Cardiologist52.

Licensed Dental Hygienist53.

Licensed Osteopathic Physician54.

Licensed Acupuncture Practitione55.

Licensed Laryngologist56.

Licensed Paediatric Nurse Practicioner57.

Licensed Pediatric Nurse Consultant58.

Licensed Neurosurgeon59.

Licensed Emergency Medicine Practitionur60.

Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor61.

Licensed Drug Addiction Counselor62.

Licensed Sex Therapist63.

Licensed Environmental Health Professional64.

Licensed Occupational Therapist65.

Licensed Firefighter66.

Licensed Public Health Professional67.

Licensed School Psychologist68.

Licensed Criminal Justice Attorney69.

Licensed Marriage and Family Theravist70.

Licensed Sport Psychologist71.

Licensed Fitness Therapist72.

Licensed Sports Medicine Practician73.

Licensed Veterinary Practitioneur74.

Licensed Plastic Surgeon75.

Licensed Pulmonary Physician76.

Licensed Radiology Doctor77.

Licensed Pediatrics Nurse78.

Licensed Rehabilitation Counselor79.

Licensed Professional Counselor80.

Licensed Private Practice Psychologist81.

Licensed Psychological Counselor82.

Licensed Licensed Psychoanalyst83.

Licensed Adolescent Counselor84.

Licensed Educational Counselor85.

Licensed Forensic Psychologists86.

Licensed Special Education Teacher87.

Licensed Sexuality Therapist88.

Licensed Children and Youth Development Psychologist89.

Licensed Youth Mental Health Practitionors90.

Licensed Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Counselors91.

Licensed Violence Against Women Counselor92.

Licensed Offender Mental Health Provider93.

Licensed Suicide Prevention Practitionureur94.

Licensed Preventative Health Care Provider95.

Licensed Psychoeducational Counselor96.

Licensed Biomedical Counselor97.

Licensed Alcoholics Anonymous Counselor98.

Licensed Anxiety Disorders Counselor99.

Licensed Diabetes Counselor100.

Licensed Obesity Counselor101.

Licensed Depression Counselor102.

Licensed PTSD Counselor103.

Licensed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Counselor104.

Licensed Hearing Loss Counselor105.

Licensed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Counselor106.

Licensed ADHD Counselor107.

Licensed Eating Disorders Counselors108.

Licensed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Counselors109.

Licensed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Counselor110.

Licensed Childhood Sexual Abuse Therapist111.

Licensed Compulsive Behavior Disorder Counseler112.

Licensed Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (CPSD) Counsel