A historical psychologist pays for his ‘personal therapy’

Posted by The Australian Financial Review on Thursday, March 23, 2019 07:09:26An academic psychologist has been criticised for claiming his own clinical experience of psychological issues has helped him “save the world”.

Dr Jason Broughton, a senior lecturer in clinical psychology at Melbourne’s Deakin University, has been accused of using his research on mental health to benefit himself, as well as “a few rich people”.

Dr Broughtons work has also been criticised by the Mental Health Commission of Australia (MHCA) and the Victorian Government, which have both asked the MHCA to investigate the claims.

In a series of tweets, Dr Broughts social media account described his work as “my personal psychotherapy”.

In one tweet, Dr. Brought claimed to have helped to save the world from a deadly virus.

He said he and his colleagues had successfully treated a woman who was in a coma following a cardiac arrest.

“We were in the middle of her convalescence, her brain was going into a coma, and I had just been there to help her in a way she hadn’t known she could,” he wrote.

“She’s now a happy and well-adjusted woman.”

Dr Boughton’s work has been featured on ABC Radio Melbourne, ABC Radio Victoria and News Corp Australia.

Dr Baughton has been a part of a number of popular mental health research projects including the Mental Research Unit at the University of Melbourne, and the MHC’s new ‘mental wellbeing research program’.

The MHCA said Dr Boughtons research was a valuable contribution to mental health.

“Dr Baugts work has helped to shed light on a range of topics in the fields of psychology and clinical psychology,” a spokeswoman said.

“It has been widely accepted that some of the work done by Dr Baughts has benefitted those in need, particularly those who have experienced stress or anxiety related to a mental health disorder.”

“It is a testament to his expertise and dedication that his work has benefited many people and has been able to contribute to the advancement of mental health care in Australia.”

Topics:psychiatry,clinical-research,mental-health,psychology,australia,melbourne-3000,vic,friday-austin,vicnews,vicsource The Australian Finance Review title An academic psychologist pays in his ‘mental therapy’ – ‘I saved the world’ articlePosted by The Sydney Morning Herald on Thursday:03:28An academic psychology lecturer at Melbourne University has been slammed for claiming that his own “personal therapy” has helped “save” the world.

Dr Jason F. Baughtons work as a psychologist has also caused controversy with the MHCO and Victorian Government.

Dr F.B. said he has helped some of Australia’s most vulnerable people, including people with mental health problems, with “personal psychotherapy” and “personalised, tailored treatment”.

“My work is the direct result of the advice and treatment I have received from my colleagues at Melbourne Hospital and my research team,” Dr Baugtons LinkedIn profile said.

Dr A.B., a former medical director at Melbourne Hospitals, said her clinical experiences helped her overcome depression.

“I have had a number people come up to me and say, ‘It’s really helped me, I have this really, really, big problem.

I don’t know how I can go on, I can’t do this.

Thank you for your help’,” she said.

In an interview with ABC Radio Metro Morning, Dr F. said her work has allowed her to “keep the faith” with her family.

“When I was diagnosed I had to make a choice and I chose to live in my parents’ home,” Dr F said.

“I didn’t have the choice to live somewhere else.

My work has enabled me to keep that faith and to have that relationship with my family.”

Dr F, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, said she had been able in her treatment with Dr Bougtons to “go out into the community and not have to worry about having to go back home to be by myself”.

“It’s allowed me to live out my life as a compassionate person and to live a life that is happy, healthy and fulfilling for my family,” Dr A. B. said.