A new pay raise for psychologists

In 2018, the National Psychologist Association announced a pay increase of 8.8 per cent for all employees, while a new one-year, one-month and three-month salary is up by 8.2 per cent.The pay increase applies to both permanent and part-time positions.There will also be a pay raise to those with an […]

When Do You Need a Psychologist?

A lot of people think they need a psychologist for everything.But when you need a forensic psychologist for something like a DUI or DWI, you probably won’t be able to find a licensed professional.It’s that simple.According to the American Psychological Association, you should be looking for a psychologist that is […]

Psychologist and psychologist Okc Salary in 2018

The average American psychologist earns $75,000 annually, and the average American is earning $91,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.In 2017, the median American psychologist earned $70,000 and the median worker in the U.S. was making $80,000.In 2018, the average psychologist in Oklahoma made $71,000 while the median U.K. […]

Why we’re being paid so much more than the experts

New research suggests that it’s actually the people at the top of the compensation pyramid who are paying the most, even though they’re more likely to work in high-paying jobs.It also suggests that a new system that adjusts compensation based on seniority and experience may be needed in the future […]

What is clinical psychology?

A psychologist is an individual who specializes in treating or treating mental illnesses or disorders, with an emphasis on treating childhood, youth and adult mental illnesses.A clinical psychologist is a specialist who specializes more in treating children, teens and adults with mental illnesses than adults.The two terms are often used […]

How to become a great psychologist

[LINK] [UPDATED: I just posted a new link to the original post.]When you want to get into a great psychology career, you need to know a bit about the profession.I wrote an article in this month’s Psychology Today entitled “The 7 things you need when it comes to becoming a […]

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