African psychologist says she has been denied funding by US government

By CAROLYN DENNISDULLAN and MELISSA SHEPPARDAWASHINGTON (Reuters) – African psychologist Michelle Shipp, a leading proponent of gender-neutral bathrooms and other transgender-inclusive policies in the United States, said she had been denied support from the government, including the U.S. Census Bureau.

She said she was among a group of transgender people, including those from South Africa and elsewhere, who were denied funding for their work and who did not have the time or money to apply for it.

“I am very concerned that this has been going on for years,” Shipp said on Thursday, as she described being told that her work did not meet the criteria for a federal grant.

“This is really frustrating.

We are really struggling to find any kind of funding.

We have been trying to get a grant for about 10 years.

We didn’t even have that much support.”

The United States Census Bureau said it was aware of the issue but declined to comment.

It said the agency was currently reviewing the issue, and that it is working to clarify what needs to be done to ensure that transgender Americans are not discriminated against.

A study published in 2014 found that only about 0.3 percent of the nearly 1.4 million transgender people in the U:niverse were given funding by the federal government.

But Shipp is one of several transgender Americans, who are trying to gain acceptance through advocacy and advocacy on the ground.

She said she hoped that would change.

“People are really realizing that we are human beings.

We live with the same issues as everyone else,” Shipper said.”

It is so frustrating.

It is not that we don’t deserve a place, but we have been fighting to have a place.”

Shipp said she wanted to open up an alternative way of thinking about gender and gender identity and had recently started writing a book about it, due out in 2018.

“We are really excited that we have this opportunity to be able to be part of a community that is not just marginalized, but is also trying to be empowered,” she said.

Shipp’s book, called “The Transsexual Empire: How the Transgender Revolution Will Transform America,” is due out later this year.

It has drawn criticism from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) for focusing on issues of gender identity, including a number of controversial incidents such as the recent police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

The civil rights organization, which has a long history of advocacy on transgender issues, has said it would not support a book focusing on transgender identity.

In a statement on Thursday morning, HRC said that although it did not endorse the book, it would continue to work to “empower transgender Americans.””HRC supports inclusion of transgender issues in our platform, and HRC supports efforts to make sure transgender Americans can be fully included in the communities where they live,” the statement said.(Reporting by Cynthia Dixon; Editing by Susan Heavey and Nick Macfie)