When to ask a licensed psychologist if she’s licensed to practise in your state

A psychologist is licensed in your State if you’ve been a licensed therapist for at least 12 months and are registered as a psychologist with the Australian Bureau of Psychology.

The psychologist must also hold a psychologist certificate and meet all of the criteria for a registered psychologist.

You can find out more about licensed psychologists and licensed psychologists in Australia.

But it’s important to note that licensed psychologists are not licensed to practice in every state.

For example, they can’t be licensed in Tasmania, Queensland, or Victoria, while they can only be licensed by the Northern Territory.

Your State psychologist licensing body should be able to help you find out if you are licensed to practise in your jurisdiction.

Licensed psychologists can also advise you on how to find and apply for a licence if you don’t have one.

The list of states and territories where psychologists are allowed to practice online is as follows: Australian Capital Territory Western Australia Queensland Northern Territory Victoria Tasmania New South Wales South Australia Victoria South Korea The list above is only an indication of licensed psychologists who are licensed in Australia, and does not include licensed psychologists from overseas.

Your state and territory psychologist licensing authority can help you if you have questions about your licence status or if you need help finding a licensed practitioner in your area.