Which is the best player in the NFL? | NFL.com

The New England Patriots have had some solid weeks this season, but this week they could be missing the best in the game.New England’s offense is playing at a high level but there is no doubt that the defense has had its struggles this season.That is especially true with quarterback […]

How to get the most out of a psychologist salary

When you think of the best paid psychologists, you might think of a few of the most prestigious employers in the country.But what about those who do more than just work for big pharmaceutical companies and universities?Is the best pay even in the field of behavioral research?In an article published […]

How to spot a psychologist

FourFourFourTwo article Augusta Ga, the psychologist who helped to discover the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at the University of Melbourne, says her own experiences in the field are proof that the mental health industry needs to improve.“It’s a very tricky area, because we are talking about a lot […]

Military psychologist’s salary $20,000 per month

The military psychologist’s job description is very specific, with several jobs requiring specific skills, and that’s where the pay begins.For a civilian job that requires that the job candidate have a PhD, it could be anywhere from $20k to $40k per year.For an enlisted military job, it can be anywhere […]

Psychological Salary Calculator

Mental Health Counselors Salary in the United States 2017-2018 Salary for Psychiatrists article The Psychological Salary Calculator is a free psychological job site which compares psychologists salaries across different professions and industries.With the help of over 1,600 job sites including CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Monster, Monster Jobs, CareerBuilder PayScale and more, you […]

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